EdTech 21, a full-service consulting group, serves learners and audiences of all ages through its work with corporations, educational institutions, entertainment producers, and non-profit entities. Founded in 1998 by educational media/technology specialist Dr. Kimberly GreeneEdTech 21 provides a host of specialized services that span a wide spectrum of learning experiences and opportunites, including the evaluation of intended messages, content design and creation, and the development of compelling entertainment and educational products. Unparalled experience in both the educational and entertainment fields, coupled with intrinsic knowledge and applications in new media/technology enables EdTech 21 to empower its clients with effective programs, powerful messages, and lasting results. 


  • Developed the idea, brought the parties to the table, and brokered the agreement that led to The Afghan Family Health Book, an international effort by THE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES to bring essential medical information to the women of Afghanistan. 
  • Educational message and content for website, print materials, and live presentation on the ASIMO Educational Tour for AMERICAN HONDA MOTOR CO. 
  • Educational content, product evaluation, and programming development for LEAPFROG ENTERPRISES 
  • Content development, design and production services for KNOWLEDGE KIDS NETWORK
  • Site and content development for GIRLSITE 
  • Site and curriculum development and instruction for children/staff at HOLLYGROVE HOME FOR CHILDREN 
  • Conceived concept, designed, and ran research project culminating in creation of MOOSYLVANIA 
  • Taught graduate level classes on technology and pedagogy for PEPPERDINE UNIVERSITY 
  • Needs assessment for staff training, web site and media development for PENNCORP CANADA 
  • Script and story evaluation for multiple clients (list available upon request) 


  • Program And Materials Evaluation
    Curriculum, Educational Components, Children’s Media Programming
  • Content And Interface Design
    Websites, Multimedia, Television And Video, Toys And Educational Products
  • Program Design
    Inception To Launch Planning, Development And Evaluation
  • Training Programs & Materials
    Programs For Teachers/Educators, Media Development Professionals And Students
  • Interactive Programming
    Content Development For All Technology Platforms
  • Educational Programming
    Development Of Age-Appropriate And Medium-Appropriate Educational Content
  • Multi-Media Design And Creation
    Web Development, CD-ROM Development, Multi-User Environment Development
  • Speaker's Bureau
    Representing A Multitude Of Fields In Educational Technology And Children’s Media

To book Dr. Greene for a speaking engagement, conference presentation, or panel, please call 310.614.8530 or send an email through the Contact Page.